Education Focused, Results Driven

When Kerry Kuehn set out to establish Sedona Learning Solutions, he wanted an EHR education firm that was more than just a vendor, more than a simple service provider. That’s why, to this day, Sedona remains focused on partnering with organizations to create education solutions that empower results.

The Sedona State of Mind

What’s in a name? For Sedona Learning Solutions, a lot. Learning because we’re focused on the learner, as opposed to training, which focuses simply on the delivery of content. Similarly, Solutions refers to a process that, to us, means solving an overall need within a hospital or health care system. In situations where other training companies are very focused on just getting through go-live, we’re focused on providing a sustainable resolution to the learning needs of your organization.

“We wanted to have a company that truly understood education and could apply those principles to the EHR market. We wanted a company that truly partnered with hospitals’ own resources to create sustainable solutions for learning, versus simply coming in and getting over the go-live hump.”

Kerry Kuehn, Founder

And finally, Sedona. Because of our love for the Southwest, we wanted the name of our company to have a Southwest feel. Sedona evokes a peaceful vision of countenance. It is a place of warmth, hospitality, and renewal. The swash in our logo is a gentle reflection of the pathway we endeavor to follow—leading us upward as to the pinnacle of a desert mountain!

Our hope is our presence on a project embodies this Sedona State of Mind.