When strategically used, eLearning is a cost-effective, convenient way to cover learning fundamentals, complement instructor-led training and ensure standardized delivery of information across your system.

Sedona Learning Solutions’ specialized approach is tailored to the needs and challenges of adult learners in clinical settings. Our eLearning experts create web-based and multimedia training materials that reflect industry best practices for usability and instructional design.

Your eLearning program will:

  • Simulate live systems and real-world scenarios for relevant, hands-on learning experiences
  • Require interaction with the module and exercise critical thinking skills to increase retention
  • Offer self-paced education that allows learners to receive more value from subsequent instructor time
  • Deliver content when, where, and on the learner’s device of choice
  • Deliver readiness exercises for learners to demonstrate proficiency
  • Deliver targeted remediation for learners’ areas of weakness
  • Provide a consistent learning experience across your entire system
  • Provide SCORM compliance for automated tracking, scoring, reporting, and content management

Creating interactive eLearning is an art.  We bring our experience and educational background to the table and create a customized eLearning experience using your build and processes to ensure staff become self-sufficient and are able to quickly start using their new technology.

Make the Most of Your eLearning Program

You should know that when Sedona creates an eLearning program for you, you own the content. That means we deliver not only an eLearning module but the source code—without a licensing fee or an extended contract. We will even teach your staff how to keep the module current to increase the return on your investment. If you pay for it, you should own it! As your partner, we support learning efforts, but want our continued relationship to be built on the service we provide, not a required contract.


We work with all the major EHR systems:  EPIC, Cerner, Meditech, Allscripts, and more!


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