We take a holistic approach to EHR education in that we provide more than just training for your staff. We help you determine and evaluate what successful implementation of your software looks like, then do what it takes to ensure that your team meets its goals. We believe that you should work with us based on results, not a required service contract.

Step 1:


We begin with the end in mind. This means we work with your team’s stakeholders—leadership, software and process experts—to specify the need to know, want to know, and nice to know tasks. This engagement helps us create custom curricula solutions and tools with the right metrics in mind.

Step 2:


Click-through PowerPoints and lectures are simply not enough. The Sedona education process is research-based, which helps us deliver the right content at the right time and pace for your team. There is never a one-size-fits-all solution. All of your materials will be role-based and scenario-driven to help your learners experience how their new tools connect with their day-to-day tasks.

Step 3:


Our approach focuses on making sure learning sticks. Sedona not only measures learning outcomes but we provide you with proactive tools to ensure the post-training transition is a smooth one, and that your team feels supported through full adoption and beyond.