Strategic Planning

How do you institute an EHR training program that’s least disruptive to your team’s schedule? How do you engage a range of learning styles and technology comfort levels? Our team will help you develop a strategic plan that considers the needs of your audiences and meets your education goals.

Whether you are implementing a new system, onboarding new hires, or providing ongoing support and education, successful results call for a solid learning assessment and follow-up plan. Sedona Learning Solutions will collaborate with your key information technologist, leadership, informaticists, educators, and staff stakeholders to:

  • Analyze audience needs, constraints, and challenges
  • Establish a shared vision and clear execution plans
  • Determine how to engage and educate a diverse group with varying technology comfort levels
  • Define learning objectives that focus technology learning on improving daily practices
  • Anticipate and mitigate potential technical and organizational issues
  • Identify resources and gaps
  • Establish a timeline and budget
  • Articulate a follow-up and support plan
  • Outline communications and promotions to inform and involve all audiences including leadership

Ultimately, your strategic plan will help enable your team to gain proficiency with their new systems and processes, and put their new knowledge and skills to use on the job.


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