Our clients have come to expect a concierge level of service from Sedona Learning Solutions, and it’s all because of our experienced, professional and driven team of educators. We take great pride in our reputation, and take the time to get to know each applicant to ensure that they’re the right fit.

The Sedona Way

We look for consultants who are completely customer service oriented. Experience with health technologies and facilitation are important, but to put it simply, our team does what it takes to make sure learning happens. Our educators are just that—they aren’t talking heads who deliver a script of content to learners. Rather, they are passionate about education. They’re patient and can read a classroom to determine the best way to approach educating our end users.

Why Work for Us?

We do what it takes to make sure our consultants are set up for success. Once you join the team, we make an effort to build on your areas of strength and to provide opportunities on various projects. We always strive to onboard in advance of a client project kickoff so that you’ll have time to get to know your surroundings, get comfortable with the curriculum plan, and start developing relationships with the client.

We believe in rewarding our team for the hard work and dedication they put into educating our clients. So, regardless of whether a project is complete, our team receives their paycheck and expense reimbursements in a timely manner.

Join Our Team



Our eLearning solutions are a cost-effective, convenient way to complement, or sometimes replace, instructor-led training for your team.

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