Just-In-Time Tools

Research shows that 50% of learning takes place after a learning event. Attempting to teach end-users everything that they need to know about their new system or upgrade in a single session is overwhelming. Delivering too much information too quickly will result in confused, frustrated learners.

Instead, Sedona Learning Solutions works with you to concentrate on the content that your team needs to know, and will provide the tools for the material that’s good to know. We create confident, independent users by providing readily accessible micro-learning tools when and where your team needs them for continued learning and training retention.

We offer several tools that will increase end-user adoption including:

  • Job aids in several formats for clinicians’ quick reference
  • Web-accessible Show Me Demonstrations for micro refreshers
  • Device-compatible tools for on-the-go learning
  • Open-source files for continued technology training updates

Our goal is to provide your team with just the right tools to supplement their learning at just the right time.


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