How We Hire

At Sedona, we put great effort into ensuring that our team members are the right fit for our culture and our projects. This fit is very important to us because our clients have come to expect a higher level of service from Sedona than they receive from our competitors. While training experience is important, we’re focused on professionals who deliver stellar client learning experiences that produce outcomes.


Our educators are put to the test prior to hire. The process begins when an applicant submits his or her resume and application. Upon review, qualified candidates will have a phone interview with the recruiting coordinator.

The next interview phase consists of a test-teach. A test-teach allows candidates to display their classroom facilitation skills. During this process, candidates must display the criteria and requirements provided by the Sedona team. All candidates will be scored on these pre-determined requirements.

If we believe a candidate is the right fit for our team, we begin the onboarding process by matching them to a client project.


With our designers, we emphasize core instructional design skill sets. We expect a working comfort with tools such as Captivate, WORD, Acrobat & Articulate. Experience with educational models and principles, such as ADDIE, is a plus!

Whenever possible, we like to engage folks that have some experience with health care systems. However, we place most emphasis on hiring the best curriculum designersFull EHR immersion, education and training will be included in onboarding.


Physician Education

We teach physicians to have command over their healthcare technologies so that they can focus on what's important.

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Sedona has been a breath of fresh air… more attentive than any consultant firm I’ve worked with in the past 15 years. I especially appreciate that you treat me like a professional, not a resource or warm body.  Thanks again for everything!”

Veronica Thomas

Consultant - Facilitator