Instructional Design

To be effective, your healthcare technology curriculum must be specifically designed to accommodate the needs and learning styles of busy clinicians and providers.

That’s why Sedona’s education experts take a learner-focused approach to make content meaningful to your team. To do that, our instructional designers emphasize real-world workplace scenarios. We take into consideration your team’s culture, schedules, and overall knowledge and comfort levels with technology as we tailor content and training delivery.

Your Sedona Learning Solutions instructional designers will:

  • Tailor instructional approach to the needs of your clinicians
  • Develop the most relevant, learner-focused curriculum
  • Determine the most effective delivery media and methods
  • Create targeted learning, readiness exercises, and follow-up tools to increase adoption

From EHR and CPOE to decision-support tools, medical devices, and administrative systems, the Sedona approach contextualizes training content so that your staff feels confident incorporating these technologies into their daily practice.


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