Instructional Delivery

We make sure learning happens.

Never underestimate the value of a great instructor. Great instructors know how to facilitate learning experiences that not only engage participants, but also make learning stick—and that’s where our educators excel.

Our team of educators work as well in a full classroom with a formal curriculum as in a half-hour lunch-and-learn event.  We’ll help you determine the instructional delivery method that works best for your team’s content and culture.

Your Sedona Learning Solutions instructors will also:

  • Shadow learners before training to understand daily routines
  • Pilot and refine learning materials, instructional approach, and flow with super-users
  • Use research-driven methods to enhance learning and retention
  • Ensure consistent delivery of content for a consistent learning experience
  • Develop a relationship of trust and respect with learners
  • Relieve anxiety about technology and ease the transition
  • Assess learning, retention, and impact on daily practice
  • Deliver on-floor support and help “at the elbow”
  • Provide ongoing assessment and remediation
  • Evaluate training content and delivery to improve future efforts

In addition to their extensive facilitation skills, Sedona’s instructors are experts in healthcare technologies such as EHR, CPOE, decision-support tools, medical devices, and administrative systems. This means that whatever the context or role, we will help your staff successfully integrate your new technology into their daily practice.

If you already have an education team, our staff of experienced instructors can complement or supplement their efforts.