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Milford Regional Medical Center implements new MEDITECH EHR

Sedona Learning Solutions was pleased to collaborate with Milford Regional Medical Center in creating eLearning tutorials and just-in-time (JIT) micro training tools for its transition to a new MEDITECH EHR. The updated medical record system went live October 1, 2020, streamlining patient care with a single EHR for all of Milford Regional’s facilities.

Nurse Educator and Informatics Nurse Lisa Ryan shared her experience with Sedona’s training tools during go-live: “Early on, I worked as a superuser overnight. A nurse asked me a question that I couldn’t answer. I went directly to the JITs and found my answer within 10 seconds. I was so excited! It was great for staff to see that even I don’t know all the answers, but I could quickly rely on our Sedona Learning tools to answer my question.”

Ryan also explained that Milford Regional continues to use its training materials for onboarding new staff. “I am so thankful the hospital made the investment in Sedona. I continue to use the Sedona tutorials when training all new hires and travelers. I can tell you that the travelers feel a sense of relief when I demonstrate the learning tools available to them, especially because travelers are hired to ‘hit the ground running.’”

Congratulations to Milford Regional Medical Center!