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Why Custom eLearning?

By Linda Hainlen April 1, 2016
eLearning Physician

In major EHR implementations, a blended approach is educationally sound.  It allows for eLearning to set the stage by providing introductory or basic information.  The follow-up classroom experience can then reinforce, build on knowledge and provide opportunity to ask questions.  Doesn’t it make sense then that the eLearning could be generic in nature?  The answer to that lies in our changing culture. 

Today, we are better “connected” than ever before.  Consumers enjoy (and have become accustomed to) the ability to self-select—to tune out, turn off or click away from anything that is not deemed relevant. In this world where consumers are in control, it is imperative that we provide genuine and meaningful experiences. 

Our providers are bombarded today with new advancements, new research, new requirements and new tools.   Providers are eager to learn what is relevant to their field of expertise and will help them provide better care for their patients.  However, when something does not appear to be relevant, the natural tendency is to tune out, turn off or click away. 

Generic point and click education that does not include relevant work flow, processes, and scenarios, creates a “tune out” mentality.  That is why at Sedona Learning Solutions we not only customize all our offerings to each site’s build, best practices and workflows, but each role as well. 

It is true that the “point and click” of a software package is pretty generic but the scenarios that drive the point and click are anything but generic.  Each site is unique, each role is unique and therefore learning experiences must be unique as well.  Otherwise it is tuned out, turned off or not deemed relevant.   

At Sedona Learning Solutions, it is our mission to create learning experiences that are relevant, promote retention of information and transfer to day-to-day performance.  Experience the difference.