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Sedona experts contribute to new healthcare IT training textbook

January 17, 2023

At Sedona Learning Solutions, we aim to not only create highly effective EHR training, but to also be educators who elevate understanding of healthcare training best practice. We are pleased to recognize Sedona training experts Linda Hainlen and Kerry Kuehn for their contributions to a new textbook with this focus.

Healthcare Technology Training: An Evidence-based Guide for Improved Quality, published by Springer last year, is a thorough yet practical guide to success through all stages of healthcare technology training creation and implementation. Linda Hainlen was one of the text’s five authors; Kerry Kuehn was invited to write the foreword.

We are thrilled about the positive impact this textbook will have on healthcare IT education for educators, students, and current informaticians in healthcare settings, and we’re proud of the knowledge and experience Sedona staff continually offer the HIT industry!