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Moments of Truth – Be Authentic

By Linda Hainlen March 1, 2016

Moments of Truth – Be Authentic

My husband and I recently made an appointment with a vendor at our local Home Show to meet us at our home and provide us with information. While visiting at the Home Show, the vendor wrote our appointment in her book and gave me a card with the appointment information.   My husband took off work early to attend the appointment only to wait, and wait.  We called, no answer.  So I left a message.  I finally received a call from the vendor the next day.  I kind of received an apology after she called me by the incorrect name and totally blamed “the office staff” for the mix-up.   I understand that things happen but the entire experience left me cold because of the way it was handled.

Last week I made an error on a proposal I sent to a client.  When I discovered the error I realized I had a moment of truth service opportunity.  I could blame the office staff or own the error without excuse to the client.  Owning the error was the right thing to do.  We came to agreement but Sedona ended up eating a good deal of profit on the deal. 

One of the reasons I now work with Sedona Learning Solutions is their authenticity.  Being authentic is one of their core values. 

     Purposeful:  we focus on outcomes, doing what it takes to make it right and prove value

     Authentic:  we’re open, real and honest

     Collaborative:  we’re a supportive partner

In a previous life when I was the Director of Learning Solutions for a hospital in  Indianapolis, Indiana, Sedona was my vendor of choice to supplement my staff during our EHR implementations.  I had tried several vendors but found Sedona to live their values.  It is not always the big moments but the little moments of truth that build a relationship with a client.  If my Sedona partner did not have an answer, they admitted it and we worked together to find the answer.  If there was a slip in service (as can happen when dealing with large numbers of staff) they made it right—without excuse.  They were a dependable partner I could count on. 

Today I am a Sedona team member.  It is so nice to work for a company that lives its values.  We are not perfect but our core values do drive the way we do business.  

                                                 Linda, Director of Business Development