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I am too busy to worry about end-user education right now!

By Linda Hainlen March 28, 2017
Curriculum Design eLearning Physician

My EHR company is going to be on site next week, my consultants are knocking at my door, I have more issues and meetings than I can handle right now! Sound familiar?

Implementations and major upgrades are all consuming. Because of that, tasks we feel can be covered later get pushed off– like end user education. Your project team is busy testing and making last minute fixes so you ask an analyst, informaticists or implementation consultant to quickly put together an outline to be used. Unfortunately, outlines or an automated PowerPoint do not equal learning.

End-user education can make a huge difference in the satisfaction of your end users, in adoption rates, and the proper usage of your system. If your end-users are not competent and confident users, you will not realize your desired outcome.

Sedona Learning Solutions specializes in EHR end-user education. While you are busy building, testing and implementing, we come alongside and take the burden of creating curriculum off your plate. Whether it is eLearning tutorials, classroom materials or just-in-time learning tools, we infuse adult education principles with your build, best practices and workflow with minimal time from your subject matter experts.

You know you are going to be busy, contact me today to discuss how Sedona Learning can ease this burden and help ensure better outcomes!  lhainlen@sedonalearning3.com