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Are you replacing your EHR only to end up with the same results?

February 2, 2017

Billions have been spent on EHR systems, yet I can sum the success or failure up in one question – are the end-users utilizing the software?  When end-users are unhappy with the EHR system, facilities often look at purchasing a different system.  Each EHR has its strengths and weaknesses but no matter how great the system, when it is not properly utilized and workarounds are running rampant, outcomes are diminished and end-users are unhappy. Millions of dollars are spent just to end up with the same results. 

Attempted Solution

EHR companies are making strides in standardizing workflows and working towards providing standardized point-and click software tutorials.  However, each site has its own idiosyncrasies, personality and culture.  Implementation partners are skilled at implementing software, but not necessarily in properly training end-users to utilize the system to its fullest.  Training becomes an afterthought, clinicians do not embrace the change, and patient outcomes are not improved even though a lot of money has been spent. 

Hospitals are made up of intricately intertwined processes, and traditional classroom or generic education does not connect the dots between patient care, workflow and the EHR system.

  • Our traditional practice of pulling clinicians into classrooms for hours on end but never really engaging them in their learning and connecting the dots to their day-to-day work falls short of true outcomes.
  • Alternatively, documenting the “point and click” steps of the software, automating a PowerPoint and calling it training also falls short of obtaining true outcomes. 

The Solution

It is time to look at the human element and provide the type of learning experience that maximizes use of a system and produces outcomes for the organization.  It is imperative to include not only the point and click in our training but the workflow and the “whys” specific to each role.  Next, we need to provide the training in a manner that maximizes educational research and adult learning principles so true outcomes are realized.   

Sedona Learning Solutions specializes in coming alongside a facility and ensuring confident, independent users of the EHR system.  There is an art to facilitating learning that turns into performance.

  • Learning needs to be relevant to each role
  • Adults need to be engaged in their learning
  • Consistent tools need to be provided at the point of need for reinforcement and just-in-time learning which also reduces learning time and costs

Are you spending millions of dollars implementing a system and falling short of true results because your end-users are not properly trained?  Call us today to start a conversation to ensure you obtain true outcomes!