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Falling in Love with eLearning!

By Linda Hainlen February 15, 2016

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, what better time of the year to profess our love for electronic learning!  ELearning can be part of a total training solution (blended approach for larger initiatives) or can BE the training solution (particularly for smaller updates and service packs).  We are often asked by clients why they should include eLearning options as part of their training solution. 

Long Distance Relationship?  Not a problem

Valentine Distance Learning

It is so hard to get busy clinicians off the floor to attend training.  In addition, how do you train physicians that only visit your hospital infrequently but need to know how to use your EHR?  eLearning can take place anywhere, anytime.  This allows busy clinician to complete their learning when and where they want.  

Cutting down Costs

Valentine 2


In a blended approach, eLearning can greatly reduce the time clinicians need to be in a classroom which also cuts down costs.  The most popular use of eLearning as part of a blended solution is as a prerequisite.   ELearning  is completed before the classroom experience and covers the basics of the system.  The classroom piece can then reinforce learning and provide hands-on learning and opportunities to answer questions.  ELearning can cut classroom time as much as 50%.  Further, you can continue to utilize eLearning for your new hires further  extending the return on your investment. 

Especially for You

Valentine 3

Adults need their learning to be specific to their roles.  eLearning can be easily customized to each role.  Base functionality, like entering an order, can be tailored to each role so it is very relevant.  Learning happens faster when it is relevant to your day-to-day tasks.  eLearning also ensures content consistently.  

Forget me Not

Valentine 4

When we roll out new programs or versions of software, you have to train the masses—which takes time.  When we obtain our training several weeks before we actually use the information, retention is greatly reduced.    It is so important to provide our clinicians just-in-time tools that reinforce learning and promotes adoption.  Sedona’s Show-me’s and iBook are excellent examples of tools that help clinicians remember and implement their learning. 

Sedona Learning specializes is creating custom learning solutions that help user retain information and increased adoption by transitioning information to performance.  Call us today to begin the conversation around how we can help increase the results from your implementation by including eLearning in your learning solution!


(Thanks to Administrate for the idea!)